Occupation fields / training


Caregiver (geriatric nurse)

The training for the profession of geriatric nurse is regulated in the Geriatric Nursing Act. This usually takes three years and is divided into theory and practice on site. Interested parties can specialize in outpatient care or in inpatient care at retirement home.

Healthcare provider (nurse)

In the profession of nursing and health care, it is primarily about the help of people in need of care. Being a nurse includes the implementation of medical orders and the assistance with examinations and treatments.

The training lasts uniformly for three years. The apprentice attends a vocational school for nursing.

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapists treat patients who are handicapped by a congenital developmental delay or a disability and thus suffer from a loss of their own ability to act.

In Germany, there are state-approved schools for occupational therapy. These last for three years.

Social education workers

The social  educator deals with the prevention of coping and also with the solution of social problems. The job description is very broad. The social educator  is trained at a university, a vocational academy or a technical college. In doing so, the student completes the basic studies with the Bachelor or the further studies with the Master.

Professional home economists

Specialist housekeepers support people need in their daily housekeeping. In addition, they take over, if necessary, the domestic care as well as the basic physical care. The specialist staff is aimed at people who, despite the physical limitations, would like to live in their own home.

Nursing assistant

Nursing assistants deepen and support the nursing activities of the registered nursing staff. In this country there are the following nursing assistants:

  • Nursery Assistant
  • Health and Nursing Assistant
  • Care Assistant
  • Helper

Home help

The household help takes over the household of a person in need of care. Thus, this can stay in their own home.