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For people who, for various reasons, can no longer be cared for in their own homes, we offer an alternative form of living with the community of elderly people we take care of on an outpatient basis. The residential communities also offer a benevolent and warm-hearted new home, especially for those suffering from dementia. Our nurses ensure 24-hour care and are supported by care assistants. The treatment is carried out onsite by a nurse. At regular intervals physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists offer  therapeutic services. These can be provided in the home visit to assist with the preservation and improvement of individuals’ skills. There is a lot of emphasis on a resident-related design of the daily routine, and relatives are always welcome.

In the residential communities each patient has his own room, which can be set up according to their and or there relatives  own wishes. Depending on the shared flat, eight to twelve people in need of care can find a home. In addition to their own room, the residents have a spacious lounge and toilets for shared use per shared flat. In each shared apartment there is also a shared kitchen, where fresh food is cooked daily with the residents. All shared apartments are accessible with barrier-free elevators.

The nursing and care funds are partly responsible for the individual nursing and care costs. The balance of the cost must be borne by the resident’s contribution, or is taken over by the social assistance institution under existing conditions. After a detailed consultation by our social workers, they are happy to assist you in applying for benefits and reimbursement.

In agreement with you, our social workers gladly accept the application and take care of the cost commitment.

Depending on the size of the resident’s room, there is a final heating rent of approx. € 480.00 (housing allowance is also eligible for this). In addition, a monthly cash benefit of € 250.00 is levied for food and everyday necessities, as well as for childcare and regular outings. These costs must be borne by the residents  themselves, as would be the case in domestic life.

We are happy to advise you individually and inform you about the residential communities we look after:


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