Mentors / practical trainers

Specialists in geriatric care are always in demand and in the future the tendency is rising. Training in your own company is the optimal way to cover the need for skilled workers. Training according to modern nursing, methodological and didactic standards is a cornerstone of high-quality care for the elderly.

Gardé, as a training workplace, understands training as a collaborative task that’s why each of the professionals involved has a clearly defined training-related task, so that the training can be methodically effective and successful.

As a modern training company, Gardé does not only focus on the task of teaching the trainees how to be professionals. The focus of the training philosophy is rather to accompany the apprentices in their learning processes. Gardé offers trainees monthly instructor and study days, during which they put their theoretical knowledge into practice and regularly reflect their knowledge.

“Warmth, light and smile” is the motto of Gardé, and the trainees are allowed to experience this in practice and to pass it on themselves.