Intensive care

Out-of-hospital intensive care and respiratory care has become noticeably more important in recent years.

As an outpatient nursing service, we have also specialized in this area. In our understanding of care, we place our focus on life, quality of life and dignity of the people we serve.

The promotion of quality of life takes place independently of the individual life situation of a patient and takes place in two ways: Improving the quality of life on the one hand by the fact that a patient becomes independent of caregivers and technical support through the treatment and intensive care, and on the other, by the fact that Patients in their situation by caring the highest possible level of well-being happens. Furthermore, we attach importance to the fact that the patient can realize within his/her possibilities a maximum self-determination.

In two shared apartments we look after, we provide several people in need of intensive care who are no longer able to care for their own domestic life. Residents have found a new, comfortable and shared home here.

It is important for us to relieve relatives and to create well-being for all concerned with well-trained and competent nursing staff. We provide our care with dignity, heart and respect. In doing so, we pay attention to affection, closeness, warmth, security, confidence
and satisfaction, and enable a high degree of well-being.

Our trademark is the professionalism, which always meets the high demands of non-hospital intensive care.

Kerstin Scheil